Every dollar raised by the PTA goes back to helping all students at the school. Money raised goes towards funding many programs that are designed to improve and enrich the lives of the students and help them to grow achieve their potential.


Without your generous donations and support the PTA would NOT be able to fund:


school busses and other expenses for students FIELD TRIPS, meaning all students have the opportunity to explore their learning in new and exciting places.


a SCHOOL GARDEN that will become an amazing outdoor learning classroom for all to enjoy. Each grade will get the chance to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers of their choice. 


COMMUNITY BUILDING EVENTS, such as the back to school ice cream socials, movie nights and a family dinner dance. These events help bring students, parents and the community together, making San Mateo Park School the amazing place it is!


No Upcoming Events






Thursday Packets

Thursday Packet

Your child(ren) bring this packet (in paper form) home every Thursday. This packet includes reminders, updates and other important information. 

Click on the folder image to access the electronic version of the Thursday Packets.